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Sprinter (Sprinter)
  • Sprinter (Sprinter)

Sprinter (Sprinter)

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Country of manufacture:Голландия-Израиль
Water-melon - Rounded and the Sprinter (Sprinter) oval shape

• Our early ripest hybrid. Ripens for 6-8 days earlier,
than Vasco F1.
• An open plant with the concentrated return of a harvest.
• Fruits of beautiful rounded shape with an average weight about 6-8 kg.
• Attractive external coloring, dark green strips on
light green background.
• The crackling red pulp and high content of sugar for
this group of ripeness.
• Shows excellent results at an irrigation, and also it is ideal
F1 is suitable for inoculation on a stock Nimbus.

Zhudayam of an ertanga of duragiya of a tarvuza pishib etilish of 55-60 kuna

Mevalari thought қ a shaklga of an ego

Azhoyib tajm, karsillash hususiyatl, yuor shakar moddasiga of an ego

÷rtacha of a vazna of 6-9 kg (bajz of a hollard of 10-12 kg of a gach of a b¸lada)

1 ketarig 8 ming k¸chat etilada tavsiya

Country of manufacture:Голландия-Израиль
Kind of Vegetables:Watermelon
Information is up-to-date: 27.09.2022

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