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Madram Kaltsy (Madram Ca)
  • Madram Kaltsy (Madram Ca)

Madram Kaltsy (Madram Ca)

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Country of manufacture:Spain
Madram Ca (Madram Kaltsy)

Liquid product on the basis of amino acids with the high content of complexes of calcium and nitrogen

MADRAM KALTSY — eliminates the excess content of sodium, improves structure of the soil, vital activity of microorganisms, mobility of nutrients, compensates for the calcium deficiency, promotes development of root system.


General nitrogen (N) …. 4,7%

Nitrate nitrogen (N) …. 4%

Organic nitrogen (N) … … 0,7%

Water-soluble potassium (K2O) … … 2,5%

Water-soluble calcium (CaO) … … 7,8%

The oxide of calcium (CaO) formed by lignosulfonata …. 7,8%

Total of organic substance … … 12,5%

General extract of a humus … … 9,5%

Fulvic acids … ….9,5%

pH (1% of solution) … ….5,5

Application and dosage

Fertigation: it is recommended to mix with water for an irrigation: 40-80 l/hectare, depending on the content of salt and sodium in the soil.

For the soil of average salinity: 55-65 l/hectare.

Incompatibility: not to mix with the products forming acidic environment, sulfates, carbonates, phosphates and sulfur.


0,5 l | 1 l | 5 l | 25 l

Country of manufacture:Spain
Information is up-to-date: 27.09.2022

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